reuse. create. explore.


Vagabondia Vintage was born in 2012 from a passion for travel and creative connections in new places. Rooted in resourcefulness and reuse, I'm a firm believer that there is a bounty of beautiful "pre-loved" things in our world that can be infused with new life. My goal with Vagabondia is to find these treasures and pass along their story and potential, encouraging shoppers to find joy in well-made, timeless garments that already exist in our world.

The result is an ever-evolving, curated mobile and online shop where shoppers can find quality secondhand clothing, accessories and textiles from eras past. From colorful 1960s minis and printed button-down tops, to staples like high-waisted trousers and denim jackets, I strive to have something for every style and budget on tap in the Vagabondia trove.



For nearly a decade, I sold vintage clothing, handmade crafts and traditional textiles found on my world travels out of a polka-dotted trailer in the greater New York City area. Then, I left my home court to follow a long-rooted dream to travel across the U.S. with my mobile boutique. I spent almost two years sourcing and selling at markets across the country, from music festivals on the East Coast, to popular city markets in Colorado and California.

On my ten-year shop anniversary, I took the biggest risk yet: I closed my shop doors. I sold my beloved trailer and its collection, took a job in Alaska, and completely changed gears to focus on writing, outdoor pursuits, love and new experiences. But, the hiatus is over and I'm back! And I'm more inspired than ever to jump back into my passion project and connect it with a new community.


My heart has currently led me to the charming, community-based city of Flagstaff, Arizona. My hope is to integrate into the unique markets of Arizona, and expand my online shop to offer a colorful shopping experience for those in other parts of the country (and the world!) At day's end, the goal is simple: to spark curiosity and creativity by offering a well-curated, characterful selection of vintage clothing and reimagined findings.


Markets that Vagabondia Vintage has been a part of over the past ten years include: Manhattan Vintage Show (NY), Artists & Fleas (NY), Grand Bazaar NYC, Brooklyn Flea, Brimfield Antique Market (MA), Santa Monica Antique Market (CA), Indie Flea (FL), Newport Folk Fest (RI), Artist & Maker Market (NJ), Jersey City, Denver Bazaar (CO) & many more.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments concerning Vagabondia Vintage, styling services, or, simply because you want to say hello!